Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to my I hate Geocachers Blog !!!!

Im going to start out by explaining I was an a cacher for one year with over 600 finds. I quit archieve all my geo litter and hate them all. Geocaching is not an outdoor sport all it is , is a bunch of wanna be outdoorsman spreading litter all over the countryside. Geocaching should be outlawed its not only litter but its dangerous and causes concern when these morons are creeping around. These Idiot take it so serious. ITS A FUCKING GAME YOU LOSERS!!!!!!!!


  1. you really should have read my blog before giving up on the

  2. Cachedrone reviewer is a Cancer for GEOCACHING.COM
    Cachers Dislike CACHEDRONE reviewer
    Cachedrone reviewer is a Cancer for Groundspeak

  3. Wow, did learn anything in the year you cached. You know it's more than just finding the cache and signing a log don't you? I have only be caching for a year and I figured that already.

  4. Why do you start a website when you say 'These idiots take it serious. ITS A FUCKING GAME YOU LOOSERS' and had 600 rounds? I think you sir are the idiot.